We are a lively, accessible and faith-centred family. Like all families there are big differences of age, interest and personality between different family members – but like all good families we are bound closely together by love and care, and most importantly by faith and shared vision.

A growing family

We are a large church family, with over 420 members and many others who are linked with us through attendance at worship, being part of one or other of our projects or activities. We are glad to be welcoming new people nearly every week, and able to offer a place to belong and grow in faith.

An all-age family

We have a good age -range, literally from 0 to nearly 100. We are so fortunate to have good numbers in nearly every age-range and from a whole range of backgrounds, meaning that newcomers can usually quickly find people with whom they can quickly relate.

A family of faith

We are a people united in our faith in God through Jesus Christ and relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to inspire our life together.

A family that worships God

Our life of worship is very important. We offer a range of worship services at different times and in different styles, making worship as accessible to as many people as possible.

A family that is growing together

We are committed to growing closer to each other. We seek to do this through good caring relationships and through small groups where people study, pray and have good times together.

A family committed to serving the community and wider world

We have many projects that serve the community and seek to make a positive contribution to the community. We see our village-centre location as a great privilege and are seeking to build good relationships with local businesses and community groups. We are also committed to sharing our resources with those in particular need around the world, and in supporting those who are subject to injustice.

A family helping people discover faith for themselves

We want to help people make links between their lives and God. We have a powerful gospel to tell, and try to find as many ways as we possibly can to help people hear of God's love for them in Jesus. We also try to be as welcoming a church as we can so that people can quickly belong in our midst.

A family of blurred edges

We want to offer everyone who comes into contact with our church the chance to belong at a level that is right for them. This may be by helping in one of our projects, or coming along to worship, or learning more about faith in a course. In being this kind of church we take seriously the idea that life is a journey and coming to faith is a journey too. It takes time to come to faith from no faith, and we are here to allow people to be on that journey and to help them whenever and however we can.





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