If you are coming to our church for the first time, Welcome!

We know that attending a church for the first time - no matter what the occasion - can be a little daunting for some people.

So here are a few notes to help you feel more at home and to let you know a little of what to expect.

Where do I park?

The church car park is small. Let us know if you need to reserve disabled parking.

Otherwise, you can use either the car park behind the church off Ack Lane East, on Meadway off Woodford Road, or behind the medical centre off Bramhall Lane South. 

What do I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. But it’s best to avoid leather and silk at baptisms!

When do we sit and when do we stand?

This seems to worry a lot of people, but it is quite simple.  Our usual practice is to stand up to sing and sit down to pray.  If the Minister changes that, he will let us know!

Is there a collection?

Not always.  It depends on which service or event you are attending.  Collections are taken for various charitable causes as well as initiatives from the Methodist Church itself.

However, it is always possible to make voluntary contributions to the church at any event or service should you so wish.

What about children?

Children are very welcome to stay in the service, but if you prefer, babies and children up to 3 can be taken out to the creche at any time.  Very young children may wish to bring a soft toy or a book with them.

If it’s a service for all ages, children usually stay in church.  More likely, the Minister will suggest that children between the ages of 3 and 15 who would prefer to join our Junior Church classes can leave after the 2nd hymn. Someone will show them where to go. But they can happily stay in church if they wish. No pressure!


Toilets are available at the back of the main church, on the corridor between the Welcome Area and the Church Hall, which includes disbaled and baby-changing facilities, and in the cafe area of the Centrepoint building.

After the service?

Refreshments are available in the Church Hall.  If you require any further information about services or activities please ask one of the Church Stewards.

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