The first Methodist Chapel in Bramhall was built in 1871 and was used as a place of worship until the opening of the present church in 1905. It was then adapted and used for Sunday School and as a venue for various other meetings until it was finally replaced with a new building in 1991.

1984 saw the creation of the Church Centre with the extension of the church building to incorporate a crush hall, two large halls, a kitchen and three other meeting rooms, situated on two levels.

In 1992 Centrepoint was constructed on the site of the original Chapel. It includes a large robust hall for Youth activities, a thrift shop and coffee bar. It is now the home to Praise @ the Point, an act of worship that takes place every Sunday morning.

In 2011-12, the Church Centre was refurbished, and a new entrance and Welcome Area constructed to significantly improve accessibility. For the first time, our whole premises are now accessible to everyone, particularly with the installation of a new platform lift. The entrance to the front of the 1904 Church building was also refurbished, adding two new central door ways.  During this work we also discovered a time capsule from when the church was built, and have since buried a new capsule within one of the other foundation stones.

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