Bramhall Methodist Church is part of a group of 13 Methodist churches in the local area known as a Circuit. Although much of what we do is focussed in our own neighbourhood we offer support where we can to the Circuit, and find great strength from being part of a larger grouping with six ministers and six lay people on the pastoral staff.

The Mission Statement of the Bramhall & Wythenshawe Methodist Circuit

We are a circuit whose faith is:
• celebrated in worship
• committed to spiritual growth
• expressed in sharing the good news
• worked out with people of all ages within our communities

Together as a Circuit we:
• undertake to provide opportunities to worship God in spirit and in truth
• undertake to encourage each other in our journey of discipleship
• are committed to serving others and by sharing our faith encouraging others into discipleship
• will seek to work with Christians and churches of other traditions to further the work of the gospel.


Information about the circuit and the churches within the circuit can be found on the Circuit Website. The churches within the circuit are:

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Cafe Unity in Heald Green

We also belong to the Manchester and Stockport District and the Methodist Church Connexion.

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