Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2020

For various reasons, we have decided to donate shoeboxes to a different charity this year, and have chosen ‘Link to Hope’ – a Christian charity which “is passionate about rebuilding lives & communities in Eastern Europe through education and social care”.

Link to Hope is a Christian charity based in the UK, but operating in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Its website – – shares its vision, “that one day every person in Eastern Europe will have a safe environment to live in, and access to basic healthcare, human rights, employment & education”, with its main aim being to combat poverty through education. 

linktohope The charity works with children and young people, and their projects aim to target marginalized and poor children who struggle with normal schooling, or who – because of their background or ethnic origin – are marginalized and drop out. It goes on to say “Our Community development and social work aim is to promote family cohesion and the inclusion of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups into society. We go and meet people regularly to extend help and advice to those whom others would ignore.

They also help with medical & dental bills, official paperwork, repairing of homes, helping with winter fuel and many other life-line projects”. Set up in 1991, Link to Hope is a relatively small charity, with only 23 staff. With the additional help of approximately 100 volunteers, however, they have 21 projects on the go, reaching out to people in need in four countries, and last year they sent 43,928 shoeboxes.

Box Contents

I have been having fun looking round the house for items to put into the shoebox.

It is surprising what you find you have; a bar of chocolate, toothpaste, soap, head scarves, scissors the list goes on.

I will still have to go to the shops for a new toothbrush and flannel.

Please start collecting and preparing to fill a box for Link to Hope. 

There are two types of box to fill, a Family one and/or one for an Elderly person.


All boxes should contain:

Gloves or scarf or hat
(new or knitted) 

Sweets or chocolate
(Best Before June 2021, EU origin) 
Soap and flannel
Toothbrush and toothpaste Candles and holders
(tealights would seem best)
Small games, travel size,
dominoes / pack of cards, etc.


And then 5 or more items from: 



Colouring pads Crayons / pencils
(with sharpener and rubber)
Small toys
Soft toy with CE label Tape measure / DIY tool Headscarf
(light weight)
(Max. 300ml)
Solar powered calculator Safety razors
Hairbrush / comb Other gifts  

 - or -


Reading glasses / magnifier

Mug / wooden spoon / cutlery

Sensory item
(e.g. lavender bag)

Hot water bottle

Work gloves Pen / paper

Socks / tights

Wind up radio / torch

(Max. 300ml)

Scissors / nail clippers

Safety razors

Other gifts


Leaflets are available in Simply Books.

Queensgate School are going to encourage their pupils to take part in this project, promoting 'Link to Hope' and the shoebox appeal.

A stall selling goods in Church will not be practical this year.

Completed boxes need to be back in church by the end of October. If this is a problem for you, please contact Lynne Ormiston or Chris Hall.


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