On-line Services

While we are unable to worship in church as a result of the Coronavirus regulations we are hoping to continue to offer on-line worship on Sunday and Thursday mornings. 

Watching on a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

The videos are hosted on YouTube and can be played any time (if you try before it is ready you will get a test card telling you that this is the case).

There are a number of different ways in which anyone can access the services:


There will be a weekly e-mail on Fridays giving direct links to the services for the following Sunday and Thursday. If you know someone who wants to be add to the distribution list ask them to register at HTTPS://BMETHS.LINK/SIGNUP being sure to tick the box to receive information about General Church Activities.


You can use the links below to see the coming service or to catch up with the last service. 
Please note that previous services are not available.

Listening on the phone

You can also listen in by phone, but only at the time of the service, by dialling 

0161 509 4285


The lines are open from 9:55am.  There will be music playing until the service starts at 10:00am.  The call will be charged as a local rate call (assuming you are in 0161 area).


If you find it difficult to hear the sound, you need to check your volume settings. On most smart phones and tablets there is just one which you almost certainly know about.

On laptops and other computers there are two – one in YouTube and one for the computer itself. If either is too low, you will get low volume.

• To adjust the volume in YouTube, hover your mouse over the video and the white controls will appear which include a small loudspeaker icon at the bottom towards the left. As you move your mouse towards it a little slider will appear that allows you to adjust the volume.


• The volume of the computer itself can be adjusted in several ways depending on the computer. Some have an external wheel or button, many have function keys to raise and lower the volume they will look something like the picture below (but different computers use different keys and may have slightly different icons).


A final option is a small loudspeaker icon on your toolbar (typically a black bar along the top, bottom or one side of your computer). Click on this to see a different volume slider.


If you are still struggling to hear you can turn on subtitles for all videos. To do this move the mouse pointer over the video and the controls should appear in white. One of these has "CC" on it (for captions) and is shown with four red arrows pointing to it in the picture below. Click on this and then move the mouse pointer off the video. The controls should disappear, and the subtitles should appear. To get rid of them do the same. Unfortunately, you might have to do this for each video individually.




Using playlists allows us to mix videos we have generated ourselves with other videos that are already publicly available on YouTube. If you have any concerns about the copyright status of those other videos, then you should raise those either with YouTube or the owners of the channel on which they are posted.


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