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 People have different reasons for wanting a service to celebrate the arrival of a child, whether it is publicly to give thanks to God, or to introduce the child to the life and family of the Christian church.

 At Bramhall Methodist Church, we appreciate this variety and therefore are pleased to offer two different types of service - both flexible in themselves - to mark this special occasion.  Both services have been widely appreciated and so whichever you choose will depend entirely on your preferences. 

Either of these services will offer an opportunity to celebrate this important moment in your family's life within a spiritual context.  As part of our welcome and commitment to you family, each child will receive a small bag of gifts, including a Bible together with a certificate.

We would be delighted to talk through these options with you more fully.  Please see the contact details below for our Minister, Pastor and Children & Family Worker.


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A baptism, with water, usually takes place during one of our two Sunday morning services which both start at 10.00am: either in the service in Church or in the more informal, contemporary worship in Connect which takes place in the Centrepoint Hall.

Parents often chooose to have Godparents, and they are included and recognised within the service; both Parents and Godparents make promises to God to raise the child in the Christian faith.

Thanksgiving (or Dedication)

This option offers more flexibility and again can take place during either of the Sunday morning serices.  The format and wording can be chosen in discussion with the Minister but the service will include prayers of thanksgiving and blessing for the child.  Godparents can be included.  This service is ideal for those who do not feel comfortable in making the baptism promises, or who would prefer to leave to their child the choice as to whether to be baptised later in life.


We would love to share in this special celebration with you and we want to welcome you and your child to Bramhall Methodist Church.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we record the ceremony and take photos?

                                                                  Yes you can.

How much does it cost?

   There are no costs at all - the service is free.

Do the Parents and Godparents need to have been baptised?

No, but it is important that they can feel comfortable with the promises they are asked to take.

Is there an age limit for the child?


How many Godparents should I choose?

This is your decision.  There is no set number and it varies from family to family.

Will more than one child be baptised at once?

Sometimes we can baptise or dedicate more than one child during a service but this is flexible and can be discussed further with the Minister.

For more information:


Church Office (Mon to Fri, 9am to 12.30pm)
0161 439 1204


Minister: Reverend Sarah Parkin


Pastor: Richard Baker


Children & Family Worker: Mrs Clare O'Keefe

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