Coming to faith and growing in faith can be described as a journey.  It is rarely about just one extraordinary event that changes everything.  It is more often a series of influences and events which gradually change our way of seeing life and the world.  Through this our minds are opened to God and to his Holy Spirit which can help us to see the truth of Jesus Christ.  

Our church is committed to welcoming and helping people at every stage of that journey.  We invite everyone to come along and be involved in worship and small groups.  We welcome people's contributions to the church family. 

Visit to find out more about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith

As people grow in faith, and reach the point of acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour then they are welcome to join our church membership and become a formal part of the church family.

If you have questions about the Christian faith that you'd like to ask, please do contact our Minister who'll be delighted to talk with you, or respond to an email.

Want to find out more about God, Jesus and the Bible?  Try clicking on this link, to start asking some challenging questions. 

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