The Book of James - Reverend Andrew Lunn -  2nd July 2017
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Audio Recordings (MP3 format)
Book of James - Rev Andrew Lunn (62min 07sec) Book of Genesis - Rev Philip Berry (68min 39sec)
Book of James - Mrs Margaret Parker (49min 52sec) Book of Psalms - Bob Bartindale (57min 02sec)
Book of Exodus - Pr Jonathan Dawson (55min 12sec) Book of Joshua - Janet England (53min 10sec)
Book of Ruth - Len Reindel (60min 59sec) Book of 1 Samuel - Rev David Wood (57min 04sec)
Book of 1 & 2 Thessalonians - Mary Langton (55min 41sec) Book of 1 Peter - Rev Phil Dixon (56 min 59 sec)
Book of John - Rev Philip Berry (53min 07sec) Book of Esther - Dr Alan England (58 min 36 sec)
Book of 1 John - Rev Margaret Hall (49min 36sec) Book of Hosea - Bob Bartindale (56 min 31 sec)
Book of Romans - Andrew Pennels (60min 43sec)


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