Life Groups are a stream of small groups within our church.  They offer the chance to be part of a small group which cares, and grows in faith, all within a friendly and healthy atmosphere.

We hope you’ll want to be part of a Life Group.

Here's some answers to the frequently asked questions.....

Q. What happens at a Life Group?

A. Life Group meetings are informal and relaxed times, in homes with refreshments.  All the Life Groups normally use the same material, but each group, of course, hsa developed its own particular ‘feel’.

There are several common elements to each meeting: 

  • Worship – not necessarily singing - but a time that focuses on God and prays for His guidance for the time together.
  • Discussion – a chance to explore a Bible passage, or Bible related theme, to consider and reflect upon it.  Sometimes there is a video/DVD to watch.
  • Application – a challenge to say “so what?” about the discussion.  How can we respond to the discussion and apply what’s been said to daily life?
  • Prayer –a time to pray for what’s going on in our lives, church and world.

In case this all sounds rather intense, please be assured that Life Groups also have plenty of laughter and fun, and social times are built into the groups as well.

Q. Why should I join a Life Group?

A. There are several reasons why Life Groups are valuable:

1. In a large church such as ours, it is important to have the chance to get toknow a group of people really well – it helps us to belong, and it helps the church tomake sure we can really care effectively for everyone.

2. Meeting together regularly as a congregation for worship is a vital part of ourlives as Christians, but if we are to grow as Christians more is needed: we need the chance to consider our faith and share our questions in a more intimate setting.  So often it’s in the smaller setting that people really feel that their faith is beginning to grow and develop.
3. Sometimes we can assume that everyone else in church has got life and faith completely sorted!  We think it’s only us who has questions or problems.  Being in a Life Group will prove that actually we’re all the same!  That can be a great relief, and it can also help us to open ourselves more fully to God’s love and grace.

Q.  How often do they meet?

A.  The groups normally meet fortnightly, with breaks at Christmas, Easter and in the summer.  We think that fortnightly is a healthy frequency – hopefully it’s manageable, but also it’s regular enough so that if you can’t make one group, it will not be longer than a month before the next one.  All the Church’s Life Groups normally happen in the same week.

Q.  How do Life Groups develop?

A.  The ideal size for each Life Group is between 6-12 people, depending on the space available.  We pray that each group will grow and develop so that they need to launch a new group with its own leadership.  So, each group starts with the intention of growing and then multiplying.  Other Life Groups may develop out of Alpha Courses or existing house groups

Q.  How can I find out more?

A.  To learn more about Life Groups, or to ask any questions, please contact Rev Philip Berry.

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