World & Neighbourhood Issues

Our church is committed to serving our community, being a good neighbour to those in need locally, nationally and internationally, and fighting injustice. We offer a variety of ministries that serve different ages and needs, working in partnership with the other churches in the village. We have close links with other churches, and together are seeking to serve the people of Bramhall and the surrounding area.

We are committed to working with all ages, and the variety of organisations which we support and activities which we provide reflect this diversity. Our World and Neighbourhood Team are seeking to join up these diverse activities, and enable us to continue to place service at the heart of our church life.



Charitable giving

We recognise that as a church and as individuals we have been blessed with many wonderful resources. An important part of our ministry is in raising funds for many different organisations locally, nationally and world-wide.
Our Thrift Shop has been operating for over 25 years, and through the dedicated efforts of an army of volunteers, offers a friendly welcome to the community. This resource has raised a considerable amount of money for good causes throughout the years, last year donating over £20,000 to charitable work.
Our monthly communion collections provide us with an opportunity as a church to learn more about a specific cause and then to donate to it. These offerings, alongside special donations from our Christmas and Easter services similarly enable us to support a large number of good causes.

Local, national and international organisations

We support a large number of organisations both locally and across the world, and provide ways for individuals to give of their time in supporting different groups. Many of those opportunities to offer time and resources in God’s service are outlined on our website – please contact the Church Office if you would like more information or to find out how to help support these activities.

Thrift Shop  The Thrift Shop first opened in 1988, and it continues to thrive today. It sells second hand goods, fair-trade goods, greetings cards, and Christian books. The money raised by the shop supports youth work within Bramhall, together with many other charities both locally and internationally. Mon - Sat 10am - 4pm.
Fair Trade  We are a Fair Trade Church, and provide opportunities for individuals to purchase fairly traded products, both after worship (monthly) and also daily in the Thrift Shop.
Eco-Congregation  As an ‘Eco-Congregation’, we have a heart for protecting God’s world, supporting local community environmental initiatives.
Christian Aid  We actively support the work of Christian Aid, through annual house to house collections, and also through the variety of opportunities to raise money and raise awareness about their work. Read more...
  The Mill  The Mill is an ecumenical youth project with premises opposite our Church. It runs a variety of activities for young people within our community, including offering practical support, a safe social setting, and an opportunity to share the gospel. Read more...


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