Tickets give you access to the keynote lecture, workshop and refreshments and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis at a cost of £5 per seminar (or £20 for all five).

At each seminar you will be able to attend two workshops (details at this link) and we are thus asking you to rank your workshop preferences separately for each seminar (please rank all 4 in case we cannot give you your first choices). We will do our best to offer you the workshops you want but given that places are limited this may not be possible. In this case we will try and make sure you get at as many of your preferences as possible across the seminar series. Workshops 1 and 2 are quite limited in size and any individual is only likely to be able to participate in a maximum of two of each across the seminar series. Please bear this in mind when selecting your choices.

You will be notified of workshop allocation by e-mail on the Monday before each seminar (and will thus have to have applied for tickets before this).

After each seminars there will be a seminar meal at a local restaurant at 5:45pm for those who want to continue the discussion informally (cost is £18 for two courses and including your first drink). See this page for details. Meals can be booked at the same time as purchasing tickets.

In order to allocate workshops, will need to be purchases at least one week before the first seminar in which you are interested.

Use the buttons below to register and buy tickets. We’d prefer you to use our our on-line ticketing process but this will require you to pay using PayPal. Tickets for up to four people (at as many seminars as required) can be purchased together. To purchase more you’ll have to go through the system more than once. To pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer please download our .pdf booking form using the other button and submit one copy per person by e-mail or post along with your payment.

Our grant includes a small fund for people who would like to attend but would struggle to cover the full cost of the seminars. If you would like to discuss this please contact Richard (details below 07434 422996 or click here to e-mail).

If you need to modify your tickets then please e-mail using this link.