Living Life to the full

Eight enjoyable lessons to help you change your life.

Living Life to the Full is a series of life skills classes for anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing and resilience. Each class is an enjoyable mix of short talks, time to reflect and discussion exploring a different aspect of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Classes end with time to plan how you will use what you have learnt in the following week.

The classes have been developed in the UK by Prof Chris Williams, an expert in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The classes are all available for individuals on-line (at Our team deliver the same material in a format designed for groups and have received training in this from Chris in Glasgow.

The classes have been developed to help you if you have low mood or anxiety. They will also be useful if you want to support friends, family, colleagues or neighbours or to learn how to protect yourself. If you have more serious symptoms or a clinical condition you may benefit but should also seek specialist professional support (a visit to your GP is a good starting point).

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“The course was not personal which was great. Very well explained. Very concise and to the point. It helped my mind to address matters and make them loads clearer.”       “It has made me look at life and situations differently. To be kinder and calmer and look at all sides rather than just my own.”